Consider a Collarbone Tattoo for Women

Collarbone tattoos, also known as clavicle tattoos, are a type of tattoo that is placed on the collarbone. The clavicle is the bone that connects the shoulder to the neck and runs down the center of your chest. It is just below where you would wear a necklace or bracelet, hence its name (clavicle means “necklace” in Latin). This area is an excellent choice for a collarbone tattoo for women.

Why Get a Collarbone Tattoo for Women?

The collarbone area is a great option for a women’s tattoo. A collarbone tattoo for women can be feminine and delicate while also being bold and edgy. There are plenty of other reasons why women choose this spot for their ink, such as those listed below.

Reasons To Get a Collarbone Tattoo for Women

It’s a delicate area, but it has a lot of meaning. A collarbone tattoo can be as subtle or as bold as you want it to be. It also doesn’t need to get in the way of your daily activities. Here are some benefits of getting this type of tattoo:

Delicate and dainty

Because there is limited space to work with, a collarbone tattoo for women is the perfect placement for a delicate, dainty tattoo. This is also a relatively discrete location. So, feel free to show it off or cover it up whenever you want.

Easy to conceal

One of the main advantages of getting a collarbone tattoo is that it can be easy to hide. The location of the tattoo on your body means that if you need to cover up your ink, it will only take a few seconds to do so.

Freedom of design

You also have quite a bit of freedom when it comes to designing your tattoo in this area. The unique shape of the collarbone and the prominence allows for plenty of room to get creative with design. There are so few restrictions on what can be placed on the collarbone.

Pain level

This type of tattoo is also relatively painless compared to other spots on the body where people choose to get inked (e.g., ankles, wrists, etc.). Most people don’t have any nerve endings in this area of their body. This makes it so it doesn’t hurt as much as getting an ankle or wrist tattoo might. This does, however, depend on your pain tolerance and past tattoo experiences. 

Collarbone Tattoos for Women: Things To Consider

There are no rules when it comes to collarbone tattoos for women; some women might prefer a cute collarbone tattoo with flowers or other feminine designs, while others might get something more abstract such as dots or stars. Before getting a collarbone tattoo, however, there are some things to take into consideration.

Difficult to hide: The only real disadvantage associated with getting this type of tattoo is that it may be difficult to hide if needed. This may depend on the exact area of the collarbone that you choose to tattoo. It’s not impossible to conceal these tattoos, however. All you have to do is wear a shirt that covers up this area and nobody will know about your new ink!

Limited size: Because of the semi-limited space in the clavicle area, many collarbone tattoos for women also tend to be on the smaller side. This may only be a disadvantage if you’re not privy to smaller, delicate tattoos.

Healing process: The healing process in the collarbone area can take longer than other areas, as there aren’t many blood vessels close to the surface of the skin here — meaning fewer nutrients reach your skin cells during healing time. Therefore, it’s important to recognize that this area may heal differently than you are used to.

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