Last updated on February 2, 2021

We would like our readers to be aware of the potential ways that we make money through advertising, promotions, endorsements and the like. When you see something on our site, you should assume that we are making money from the content in one way or another. Why are we saying this?

Because we don’t want you to think we are unbiased when it comes to certain products or services you see on our site or that we recommend. We likely have a financial incentive when recommending or promoting any product or service you see on our site or social media pages.

We may also make money when you click or buy a product through the links on our site (at no additional cost to you). This may influence which products we write about (and where those products appear on the site). We may make money and get paid (1) on a cost-per-click basis: we get paid if you click on the link, regardless of whether or not you purchase the product; or (2) affiliate commission: if you purchase a product after clicking on links that appear on our site, we will receive a percentage of the sale.

Other than the merchandise listed for sale on our site, we currently promote the following companies and/or products to make money:

    • We do not own or control KEE2 or any data generated from its use; (2) you agree that we shall not be liable to you or any third party as a result of your use of KEE2 or Keemoji’s action or inaction related to KEE2, including, without limitation, any data generated from the use of KEE2; (3) we and Keemoji may earn affiliate commission through your use of KEE2 should you search for a product using KEE2 and then purchase that product; (4) we and Keemoji do not make product recommendations nor do we represent that any resource accessible using KEE2 is accurate or fit for a particular use or purpose; (5) Keemoji uses commerce ranking based upon edge technology which uses artificial intelligence machine learning; (6) Keemoji has financial motivation to rank or otherwise prefer certain vendors, distributors, and/or manufacturers who participate in affiliate programs that enable Keemoji to earn affiliate commission and make money; and (7) Keemoji’s financial motives may impact or otherwise alter the function of KEE2.

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