Crush Your Tuesday with These Top-Rated Taco Recipes

Tacos might just be the perfect food. They’re self-contained in a handy tortilla, combine any number of food groups (meat, dairy, veggies, etc.), and are infinitely customizable. Vegan? Skip the cheese and sour cream (and meat, obviously). Gluten-free? Swap the flour tortillas for corn. You might be able to whip up a delicious taco dinner right now, using just what you have on hand. However, if you want to step up your game for Taco Tuesday, we’ve gathered a few top-rated taco recipes from around the web. 

Top-Rated Taco Recipes For Carnivores: Carne Asada Street-Style Tacos

Top-Rated Taco Recipes for Tuesdays
Joshua Resnick

Mexican Street Tacos from Damn Delicious: When it comes from a website called “Damn Delicious,” expectations are high. And if the comments are to be believed, this particular recipe lives up to them. The recipe was inspired by a Los Angeles food truck, and features marinated skirt steak topped with chopped onion, cilantro, and lime juice. The marinade is a particular hit. Reviewers describe it as “mind-blowing” and “scrumptious.”

For Pescatarians: Fish Tacos with a Garlic Lime Crema Sauce

Top-Rated Fish Taco Recipes
By Teri

Fish Tacos with Best Fish Taco Sauce from Natasha’s Kitchen: With nearly 1,000 comments and five stars, this is definitely one to try. Tilapia (or another white fish, or salmon, or shrimp) is baked with butter and seasonings and topped with a spicy garlic-lime sour cream sauce. One reviewer calls the sauce “the star of the show.” We also counted at least thirty uses of the word “amazing.”

For Vegetarians and Vegans: Jamaican Jerk Jackfruit Tacos with Mango Salsa

Jerk-Spiced Jackfruit Vegan Tacos from Love & Lemons: Jackfruit is an exotic fruit that, before it ripens, has a texture like pulled pork and a neutral flavor. In this recipe, it is flavored with Jamaican jerk seasoning and topped with a bright mango-avocado salsa. While this recipe doesn’t have nearly as many reviews as some, they’re all five stars. Plus, we have it on good authority that the tacos are excellent. Just be sure to use young or green jackfruit for the right flavor profile.

For Gluten-Free and Grain-Free: Variations on a Theme

Tacos are easy to make gluten-free. Both the fish tacos and jackfruit recipes noted above are gluten-free as written and grain-free with a swap of the tortillas. To make the Mexican street tacos for the gluten-averse, simply trade the soy sauce and flour tortillas for gluten-free or grain-free alternatives, such as white vinegar instead of soy sauce, as one commenter suggested.

For Brunch: Tex-Mex Style Migas Breakfast Tacos

Migas Breakfast Tacos Recipe from Tasting Table: Inspired by the cuisine of Texas, this recipe serves up two staples of Tex-Mex mornings: migas and breakfast tacos. Migas is a scrambled egg concoction loaded with fried tortillas, cheese, and other ingredients. In this case, it also includes chorizo and bacon, and it is topped with a mix featuring tomatoes, avocados, and lime juice.

Bon appétit! Or, more aptly: ¡Provecho!