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Empowering Minds Through Tattoos, Art, Health, and Lifestyle

Tattoos make a statement, and more women than ever are using ink to tell their stories. Tattooed Women is a community where women share their body art with the world. For some women, tattoos express a deep personal meaning. For others, tattoos can be a spontaneous, split-second decision. What was once taboo is fast becoming a mainstream form of conveying values, interests, and a love of art.

Tattoos Are a Modern Symbol of Liberation

Research shows that many tattooed women gain a greater sense of self-worth and empowerment through their ink. And more and more women use ink as a form of self-expression. Whether you’re selecting your first tattoo or you’re a heavily tattooed supermom with two full sleeves, a back piece, and legs in the works, Tattooed Women celebrates you and an entire diverse community of women who display their experiences and vision on their bodies. We’re here to amplify your voices and share your creativity.

Your Stories Are What Make You Distinct

You chose to do something different: committing to your individuality on your body’s canvas. Tattooed Women is a platform that showcases women’s tattoo culture, art, and lifestyle. Share your ink, share your stories, check out our galleries for tattoo inspiration, connect with friends, and make new ones today at TattooedWomen.com.

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Last updated on February 2, 2021

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